Billy Polo X Ropeadope = Prince Polo Records


Ropeadope and Billy Polo announce the launch of Prince Polo Records, a new Reggae label based in Brooklyn NY and connected to the growing Ropeadope family of labels. Prince Polo Records will release their first record from Trinidadian artist Quizflo in September 2015, followed closely by a new release from Ruff Scott (Easy Star All Stars)


NY artist and producer Billy Polo has been working magic behind the console for years, as a trusted engineer and producer in Reggae and Dub. He has been behind the board for recordings with Lee Scratch Perry, Eek A Mouse, Ranking Joe, Addis Pablo and many more. He is a central figure in the archiving and restoration of Legendary reggae producer Clive Chinʼs Lost Archives of 17 North Parade - a collection of almost 1000 tape reels replete with the most seminal and influential names in the history of Reggae. Having spent a few years working closely with Chin, Billy gained a new perspective; “I got to put my hands on the past and it made me think about how I could use that knowledge to produce music that has the elements that made the old music so great, incorporating sounds that are relevant today”


‘PRINCE POLO Records is a label dedicated to bringing a fresh sonic approach to the world of Reggae and Dub and beyond. Our goal is to be a place where you can find music from up and coming singers and musicians as well as veteran artists. You can look forward to hearing the whole spectrum of reggae and dub music, from the classic sounds of the music’s Jamaican roots to where the music is today and where it’s heading into the future. We look to provide music of quality and substance for those who are already versed in the genre and for those who are looking for a new musical experience.’ (Billy Polo)


Ropeadope is an independent record label known for unique recordings that cross genres. Founded in 1999, the label has released over 160 recordings, with historically progressive albums from an impressive roster of artists including King Britt, John Medeski, ?uestlove, Brad Jones, Col. Bruce Hampton, and Christian McBride. In 2013 Ropeadope artists Snarky Puppy were awarded a Grammy for Best R & B Performance. The label has been at the forefront of the new music business, tailoring a new model of artist support and unique social media strategies. Ropeadope is a hub for artist driven independent label imprints Mashibeats, Label Who?, Jellowstone Records, Tribo Records, FNBeats Galore, and Ropeadope Sur. 

‘At the core of the Ropeadope philosophy is the goal of returning (and keeping) the authenticity, the ROOT of the music. While our catalog has been based largely in Jazz and Electronic music, we are building across genres where the original intent of the music has been homogenized for strictly commercial reasons. Our intent is to support the true artists that have never lost the base, and shape a new sound that respects the past and shapes the future. Billy Polo truly understands the heart of Reggae’ (Louis Marks)